FGL’s Tyler Gets “Hustled”

| May 30, 2015

FGL 10-1-13 1Florida Georgia Line’s Brian & Tyler were in Phoenix earlier this year for a pre-Super Bowl show.  The two attended a party at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row club in Scottsdale.  A few weeks ago, Dierks revealed that FGL’s Tyler won $500 in a bowling match earlier that day.  But Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton discovered that there was more to that story.

FGL’s Brian Kelley said: “You want to hear the best part of that story?  Tyler, tell him what happened to that money later that night at the Kevin Hart show.”  Tyler answered, “I got hustled in the bathroom.  I got distracted by these dudes in the bathroom.  This guy has a flat board with three caps and a piece of paper under one of them.  Everybody’s betting on where the piece of paper was.  I had these hundreds in my pocket from bowling that afternoon, and that guy took me for $700!  It’s so embarrassing.  After that, no more gambling.  Don’t gamble in the bathroom”

Where was your wing man? “He took longer than me.  So I left and told my wife, ‘There’s this crazy game going on in there.’ So I was wondered why Tyler was taking so long, I bet he’s playing.  I walked in there just as Tyler lost the money, and said, ‘Tyler, we need to roll.’  It was a weird game.”  Tyler added, “That was a terrible decision on my part. Lesson learned.”

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