Maddie & Tae Meet Shania Twain

| January 4, 2015

Shania Maddie TaeThe new duo Maddie & Tae got to meet one of their heroes: Shania Twain!  It happened a couple weeks ago, the same day they found out their debut hit “Girl In a Country Song” went to #1.  They shared this story with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton and his co-host Brad Paisley:

(Lon) Where were you when you found out you had the #1 song in the USA? (Maddie) We were actually at a Shania Twain concert.  We were in Vegas for a couple shows, and had a day off, so we went to her concert, and got to meet her.  (Tae) It was so cool, because she said she knew us! We were like, Really?  It was so crazy!

(Brad Paisley) Congratulations, I thought this song was great the first time I heard it.  It’s awesome, and so well deserved.  (Tae) That means a lot coming from you.

(Lon) Brad, you actually tweeted them a message when it went #1, right? (Brad) Yes I tweeted congratulations, the problem being you’re now “girls in a #1 country song,” which is something you were trying to avoid. (Maddie) It’s just crazy that happened.  When you write a song that climbs up the chart, you remember the moment when you wrote it.  It just feels surreal.  (Tae) The inspiration for Girl In a Country Song was Maddie & I were annoyed at how women were portrayed in country music, we’re ‘arm candy,’ and we have to be perfect, which is totally unrealistic, which is why we wanted to show a different side of ladies these guys keep singing about. (Maddie) You have to have long thing legs and these characteristics that Tae & I don’t have, we’re not qualified to be a Girl In a Country Song, so we thought we’d throw a curve ball in there.

(Lon) You make references to a lot of male country singers, but not Brad.  (Maddie) Nope, Brad is in the clear, he is very sweet to the women in his songs.

(Brad) Except for the ones where I’m going to go fishing.  (Maddie) That song is awesome.  We have a fishing song that is the reverse of yours.  Tae & I took some city boys fishing, and we learned it was a big mistake.  They couldn’t bait the hook, so we wrote a song about it.  I think you’ll appreciate it.

Listen to Lon & Brad congratulate Maddie & Tae:


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