Carrie Underwood Saves A Fly

| November 1, 2014

Brad 10-28-14There was one of those unplanned moments that happened as we were recording this week’s Country Countdown USA with Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood.  There was a fly buzzing around in the area where we were sitting.  It was just your standard, run of the mill housefly.  It was annoying all of us.  Finally, it landed on  Brad’s leg, and he swatted it, and he shouted, “Got him!”  When Carrie realized what happened, she looked down on the floor at the fly, and shouted, “Oh he’s still alive!”  She reached down, picked him up, and carried him outside.  Brad couldn’t believe what was happening. “It’s a fly!  That’s the dirtiest creature in the world that you’ve got in your hand.  She’s taking the fly to be free.  She’s like my 5-year old.”  When Carrie came back, she said, “You just stunned him.”  Brad explained, “Ladies and gentlemen listening on the radio, Carrie Underwood picked up the fly I tried to kill, and took it outside so it could live.”  Lon reminded us, “One of the last times Carrie was our co-host, she took a chipmunk to the vet because her dog caught it outside their house.”  Brad said, “I understand that.  But this is a fly.”  Carrie said, “You should hear my latest.  There was a bird in the middle of the road that had a wing problem, and it was in a busy lane of the road, and I made my husband stop, so I could get out on a busy road and help this bird.  I grabbed it and didn’t know what to do with it, but I ended up taking it to an animal sanctuary.  They put a pin in its wing, and he’ll be rehabilitated.”

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