Brad Paisley’s Halloween House

| October 29, 2014

Brad HalloweenAs we drove up to Brad Paisley’s farmhouse for this week’s Countdown, it was obvious someone was ready for Friday’s Trick Or Treaters.  The entire house, outside and inside, was fully decorated.  There were ghouls and goblins seated on the outdoor furniture.  Pumpkins and corn stalks set up on the porch.  Cobwebs and other decorations hanging on the walls.  Brad explained it all this way: “We had a Halloween party here for the kids and some employee’s families, so that’s why it looks so good.  Otherwise I’m usually pretty lame about it.  This is a fun house to do this in.  We call the bar The Potion Room, so this sorta works.” Lon asked, Brad what did you dress up as? “I was Captain America.” How about you, Carrie? “No, no parties, no costumes.  We’re pretty lame when it comes to costumes.  I’ve never had a good costume.”  Brad suggested, “This year you should just go as a redneck pregnant woman.  Then you could just….” “Just be me?” “Be you, but like pack cigarettes and roll them up in your sleeve.” Brad later told us the ghouls outside were actually hunting dummies that he uses for target practice.  He just dressed them up for Halloween.

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