Brad Paisley’s Secret Talent

| August 10, 2014

Brad PaintsWe all know Brad Paisley is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/guitar player.  He won the CMA Entertainer of the Year.  So there’s no questioning his musical skills.  But Brad has another artistic talent that doesn’t get as much attention: His painting.  Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton visited Brad’s California house, where he actually saw examples of his work, and spoke with Brad about it:

(L) I was talking to your older son Huck, and saw there was a painting you have on the wall of an older Corvette, and Huck told me, ‘My daddy didn’t paint that one.’  And I said, ‘Your daddy paints?’  He said, ‘Yeah.’ And he showed me a couple of things you’ve painted. (B) Yeah there’s a couple of them in there.  Those are early ones.  I did it because my wife wanted to buy some insanely expensive painting.  I said, ‘I can do that.’  It was some pretty simple landscape, and I said, ‘I can do that.’  She said, ‘I’ve never done that, but I can do that.’  So I bought some paints and did it.  I drew my whole life, but didn’t paint.  Painting is different thing than drawing.  It’s moving things around on a canvas with a brush, knowing what happens when they combine.  I’ve gotten better at it.  But it’s fun to do.

(L) Huck also told me he has a song on your new album. (B) Yeah, his first grade class sings on one of the songs.  One of my favorites, actually.


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