Blake Previews The Voice 3

| August 25, 2012

Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice will premiere in just a few weeks.  Blake Shelton has been in LA, working on the first few episodes.  He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that the show has a few new elements this year: “We’re taping the battle rounds now, which is when we start eliminating people.  After the battle rounds, there will be a knock out round, which is new this year.  Also, we have 16 on each team, and we have these things called steals, where we can take people from another team, it’s really cut-throat, and I think the show is 50% better this year.  Because people love the blind auditions, and the way they’re doing it this year keeps the banter going through the show, and I love that.”

“This year with the steals, it’s fun, because there’s still hope if a somebody didn’t win the battle round, another coach may take them to be on their team.  It puts you on the edge of your seat.  It’s more irritating if you kick someone off your team, and he could go to another team and win. I’m having more fun with it this year because the four of us have become good friends.  We fight and bicker, but you do those kinds of things with friends, we just happen to be doing it on TV in front of everybody live.”

Season 3 of The Voice begins September 10th on NBC-TV.


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