Miranda’s Rock Star Grandma

| May 4, 2012

Miranda Lambert brought a very special guest to this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas: Her grandmother, who she called Nonny.  Miranda’s husband Blake Shelton was co-hosting the awards show, and he was unable to sit with Miranda.  So Miranda sat with her Nonny, and she talked about it with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: She had  a blast, she was loving every minute of it.  She’d been to Vegas with me before, but never to an awards show.  He was a rock star, she had her hair & makeup done, she walked the red carpet, she’s been in Us Weekly, so she’s a big star now.”

Who had the most fun, you or her? “The first night we were there, my mom put her in a room, and said, ‘Go to bed, you have a big day tomorrow,’ and she snuck out of her room, and stayed out til 5 in the morning gambling.  I was like, ‘Nonny!  You are 75, you have to go to bed.  You need to get your beauty rest, you’re gonna be on TV!”

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Miranda’s grandma wasn’t the only member of the family who hit the casinos during ACM weekend in Vegas.  Miranda told Lon that she couldn’t resist temptation: “I did a little bit, actually did too much.  I played quarter slots, and lost my money on that, so I went to the pennies.  What’s cool is you can play forever!  When you win big, it’s 50 cents!  This lady next to me won $600 on penny slots.”

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