Keith Urban describes his busy year: 13-35 Keith1

Keith Urban on his Light The Fuse Tour: 13-35 Keith2

Keith Urban on his duet with Miranda Lambert: 13-35 Keith3

Keith Urban almost knocked Tim McGraw’s head off: 13-35 Keith4

Keith Urban on the American Idol auditions: 13-35 Keith5

Keith Urban talks about Hunter Hayes:13-35 Keith6

Keith Urban on his friend Zac Brown: 13-35 Keith7

Keith Urban on playing with the Rolling Stones: 13-35 Keith8

Brantley Gilbert on the Tim McGraw tour: 13-26 Brantley1

Brantley Gilbert on meeting Jana Kramer: 13-26 Brantley2

Brantley Gilbert on living with Jana Kramer: 13-26 Brantley3

Brantley Gilbert on meeting Roseanne Cash: 13-26 Brantley4

Brantley Gilbert on  his new dog Junior: 13-26 Brantley5

Brantley Gilbert onbecoming domesticated: 13-26 Brantley6

Brantley Gilbert on learning from Tim McGraw:

Brantley Gilbert loves “Boys Round Here:” 13-26 Brantley8

Blake Shelton kisses Lon Helton: 13-22 Blake1

Blake Shelton sings with Pistol Annies: 13-22 Blake2

Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 4: 13-22 Blake3

Blake Shelton on ACM co-host Luke Bryan: 13-22 Blake4

Blake Shelton on Adam Levine’s guest mentor: 13-22 Blake5

Blake Shelton on his 2nd wedding anniversary: 13-22 Blake6

Blake Shelton on the Boys Round Here video: 13-22 Blake7

Blake Shelton gets mistaken for Terri Clark: 13-22 Blake8

George Strait updates us on his grandson: 13-19 Strait1

George Strait on going for 60th #1 hit: 13-19 Strait2

George Strait on Garth Brooks Hall of Fame: 13-19 Strait3

George Strait sings with Garth Brooks at ACMs: 13-19 Strait4

George Strait on friendship with Tim McGraw: 13-19 Strait5

George Strait on visiting Taylor Swift: 13-19 Strait6

George Strait may tour with Kenny Chesney: 13-19 Strait7

George Strait on his summer plans: 13-19 Strait8

Chris Young is ready for Brad Paisley’s pranks: 13-14 Chris1

Chris Young & Brantley Gilbert appear on Nashville: 13-14 Chris2

Chris Young previews his next album: 13-14 Chris3

Chris Young on tourmate Lee Brice: 13-14 Chris4

Hunter Hayes says he heard CCUSA as a kid: 13-13 Hunter1

Hunter Hayes on jamming with Brad Paisley: 13-13 Hunter2

Hunter Hayes on writing for Rascal Flatts: 13-13 Hunter3

Hunter Hayes on jamming with Keith Urban: 13-13 Hunter4

Blake Shelton on his ACM co-host Luke Bryan: 13-12 Blake1

Blake Shelton on his friend, Kelly Clarkson: 13-12 Blake2

Blake Shelton on the rumors & gossip: 13-12 Blake3

Blake Shelton on Miranda’s store Pink Pistol: 13-12 Blake4

Blake Shelton on his CD Based On a True Story: 13-12 Blake5

Blake Shelton previews new season of The Voice: 13-12 Blake6

Blake Shelton on winning CMA Song of the Year: 13-11 Blake1

Blake Shelton on winning CMA Entertainer of the Year: 13-11 Blake2

Blake Shelton on his house in the Hollywood Hills: 13-11 Blake3

Blake Shelton on George Strait’s final tour: 13-11 Blake4

Blake Shelton on Miranda Lambert’s bad driving: 13-11 Blake5

Blake Shelton on confronting Jake Gyllenhaal: 13-11 Blake6

Blake Shelton on surprising Miranda on Valentine’s Day: 13-11 Blake7

Blake Shelton on The Voice promotional video: 13-11 Blake8

Carrie Underwood on her 30th birthday: 13-10 Carrie1

Carrie Underwood on Opry gift for Darius Rucker: 13-10 Carrie2

Carrie Underwood on Gangnam Style dance on CMAs: 13-10 Carrie3

Carrie Underwood on driving the Cadillac in video: 13-10 Carrie4

Carrie Underwood explains Two Black Cadillacs video: 13-10 Carrie5

Carrie Underwood on having kids and responsibility: 13-10 Carrie6

Carrie Underwood on touring with Hunter Hayes: 13-10 Carrie7

Brad Paisley previews the guests on his new CD: 13-05 Brad1

Brad Paisley previews the songs on his new CD: 13-05 Brad2

Brad Paisley on performing at the President’s Inauguration: 13-05 Brad3

Brad Paisley on when he first met Hunter Hayes: 13-05 Brad4

Brad Paisley on pranking Carrie Underwood: 13-05 Brad5

Brad Paisley on hosting the CMA Awards: 13-05 Brad6

Brad Paisley on the Southern Comfort Zone video: 13-05 Brad7

Brad & Lon speak with Randy Houser on his 1st #1: 13-05 Brad8

Eric Church talks about winning his CMA Awards: 12-51 Eric1

Eric Church talks about his 1 year old son Boone: 12-51 Eric2

Eric Church on performing the opening of CMA show: 12-51 Eric3

Eric Church on his friendship with Keith Urban: 12-51 Eric4

Eric Church on preparing for the Chesney Tour: 12-51 Eric5

Eric Church says Boone plays with Justin’s girl: 12-51 Eric7

Lon & Eric congratulate Florida Georgia Line: 12-51 Eric8

Toby Keith discusses his emergency gall bladder surgery: 12-46 Toby1

Toby Keith talks about his tour partner Brantley Gilbert: 12-46 Toby2

Toby Keith on the gift he got from Brantley Gilbert:  12-46 Toby3

Toby Keith on becoming a judge on American Idol: 12-46 Toby4

Toby Keith on the surprise for a soldier’s wife: 12-46 Toby5

Toby Keith looks forward to his 20th anniversary: 12-46 Toby6

Carrie Underwood saves a chipmunk from her dog: 12-44 Carrie1

Carrie Underwood on her tour-mate Hunter Hayes: 12-44 Carrie2

Carrie Underwood on being surprised by Brad Paisley: 12-44 Carrie3

Carrie Underwood on wearing her husband’s jersey: 12-44 Carrie4

Carrie Underwood describes her floating stage: 12-44 Carrie5

Carrie Underwood wears shorts under her shorts: 12-44 Carrie6

Carrie Underwood on new Idol judge Keith Urban: 12-44 Carrie7

Carrie Underwood says she’s building a new home: 12-44 Carrie8

Taylor Swift describes the “feel” of Red: 12-43 Taylor1

Taylor Swift reacts to comments from Love & Theft: 12-43 Taylor2

Taylor Swift on why she named her CD Red: 12-43 Taylor3

Taylor Swift on her NYC debut at age 12: 12-43 Taylor4

Taylor Swift on writing her Biography: 12-43 Taylor5

Taylor Swift looks ahead to her 2013 Tour: 12-43 Taylor6

Keith Urban on coaching The Voice in Australia: 12-39 Keith1

Keith Urban on his conversation with Eric Church: 12-39 Keith2

Keith Urban on his 2012 All For The Hall benefit: 12-39 Keith3

Keith Urban on performing Miranda Lambert’s new song: 12-39 Keith4

Keith Urban on becoming an Opry member: 12-39 Keith5

Keith Urban says he likes Dustin Lynch’s voice: 12-39 Keith6

Keith Urban updates us on his latest music: 12-39 Keith7

Keith Urban says he loves LBT’s Pontoon: 12-39 Keith8

Toby Keith on conversations with Willie Nelson: 12-27 Toby1

Toby Keith on his Live In Overdrive Tour: 12-27 Toby2

Toby Keith on his 2012 ACM performance 12-27 Toby3

Toby Keith on his new OK Kids Corral: 12-27 Toby4

Toby Keith on 3 stooges beats 5 Presidents: 12-27 Toby5

Kenny Chesney says he got dessert from Tim McGraw 12-25 Kenny1

Kenny Chesney reacts to taunt from Tim McGraw 12-25 Kenny2

Kenny Chesney on fiddler Nick Hoffman of The Farm12-25 Kenny3

Kenny Chesney says he met Ashton Kutcher: 12-25 Kenny4

Kenny Chesney shares memories with Tim McGraw 12-25 Kenny5

Kenny Chesney drunk dials pop star Lionel Richie: 12-25 Kenny6

Kenny Chesney’s tour gift from Zac Brown: 12-25 Kenny7

Alan Jackson on his daughter’s college graduation: 12-24 Alan1

Alan Jackson on what his daughter will do now: 12-24 Alan2

Alan Jackson on why he’s selling his homes: 12-24 Alan3

Alan Jackson on the first song he ever sang: 12-24 Alan4

Alan Jackson on “When I Saw You Leaving:” 12-24 Alan5

Alan Jackson on “Dixie Highway” 12-24 Alan6

Carrie Underwood on pranking Brad Paisley: 12-23 Carrie1

Carrie Underwood on the Blown Away photo: 12-23 Carrie2

Carrie Underwood says her legs are her card: 12-23 Carrie3

Carrie Underwood on Idol winner Scotty McCreery: 12-23 Carrie4

Carrie Underwood on her husband Mike Fisher: 12-23 Carrie5

Carrie Underwood talks about Nashville hockey: 12-23 Carrie6

Tim McGraw on his new record deal: 12-22 Tim7

Tim McGraw on his Memorial Day concert: 12-22 Tim6

Tim McGraw taught Luke Bryan how to dance: 12-22 Tim5

Tim McGraw heard Red Solo Cup before Toby: 12-22 Tim4

Tim McGraw is in shape for the road: 12-22 Tim3

Tim McGraw on the Brothers of the Sun tour: 12-22 Tim2

Tim McGraw pitches softball to his daughters: 12-22 Tim1

Zac Brown on his gift to Eric Church: 12-21 Zac5

Zac Brown on meeting Garth Brooks: 12-21 Zac4

Zac Brown on the influence of Garth Brooks: 12-21 Zac3

Zac Brown on raising four little girls: 12-21 Zac2

Zac Brown talks about his Eat & Greets: 12-21 Zac1

Miranda Lambert on sharing randaritas with Lady Gaga: 12-19 Miranda6

Miranda Lambert on singing at the Super Bowl: 12-19 Miranda5

Miranda Lambert’s 1st wedding anniversary plans: 12-19 Miranda4

Miranda Lambert on her meet & tweet with Merle Haggard: 12-19 Miranda3

Miranda Lambert on her role as mentor on The Voice: 12-19 Miranda2

Miranda Lambert on ACM wknd with her grandma: 12-19 Miranda1

Rascal Flatts Jay DeMarcus names his baby boy: 12-18 Rascal1

Rascal Flatts on tour-mates The Eli Young Band: 12-18 Rascal2

Rascal Flatts on the success of buddy Luke Bryan: 12-18 Rascal3

Rascal Flatts Gary LeVox runs into Tim McGraw: 12-18 Rascal4

Rascal Flatts on playing at Tim Tebow Golf Tournament: 12-18 Rascal5

Rascal Flatts on hanging out with comedian Steve Martin: 12-18 Rascal6

Blake Shelton on attending this year’s Super Bowl: 12-15 Blake4

Blake Shelton on writing “Over You” with Miranda: 12-15 Blake5

Blake Shelton on watching football with George Strait: 12-15 Blake6

Blake Shelton on singing a duet with Lionel Richie: 12-15 Blake7

Taylor Swift on her VoteACM video featuring Meredith: 12-14 Taylor1

Taylor Swift on the date she’s taking to the ACMs: 12-14 Taylor2

Taylor Swift on the Entertainer of the Year Award: 12-14 Taylor3

Taylor Swift on The Hunger Games soundtrack: 12-14 Taylor4

Taylor Swift previews her next album: 12-14 Taylor5

Taylor Swift on singing with Kenny Chesney: 12-14 Taylor6

Taylor Swift on what she looks for in a guy: 12-14 Taylor7

Taylor Swift on sightseeing in Australia: 12-14 Taylor8

Jake Owen talks about his girlfriend Lacey: 12-13 Jake1

Jake Owen talks about his new custom made hat: 12-13 Jake2

Jake Owen on playing basketball with Tim McGraw: 12-13 Jake3

Jake Owen on meeting SEALs from Act of Valor: 12-13 Jake4

Jake Owen on his benefit with Chris Young: 12-13 Jake5

Jake Owen on his tour partner Keith Urban: 12-13 Jake6

Jake Owen on the tour with Kenny Chesney: 12-13 Jake7

Jake Owen talks about his new lips tattoo: 12-13 Jake8

Jake Owen talks about Carrie Underwood: 12-13 Jake9

George Strait talks about his new grandson: 12-12 George1

George Strait talks about his new golf course: 12-12 George2

George Strait on his first #1 as a songwriter: 12-12 George3

George Strait on his Team Roping event: 12-12 George4

George Strait recalls touring with Miranda Lambert: 12-12 George5

George Strait with more on his new grandson: 12-12 George6

George Strait on playing the Ryman Auditorium: 12-12 George7

George Strait on turning 60 in May: 12-12 George8

Dierks Bentley talks about his beat up boots: 12-11 Dierks1

Dierks Bentley on his trip to the White House: 12-11 Dierks2

Dierks Bentley on his tour of the White House: 12-11 Dierks4

Dierks Bentley on his new hobby: Flying: 12-11 Dierks3

Dierks Bentley on his connection to Red Solo Cup: 12-11 Dierks5

Dierks Bentley on his friendship with Keith Urban: 12-11 Dierks6

Martina McBride on her tour with George Strait: 12-10 Martina1

Martina McBride on George Strait’s grandson: 12-10 Martina2

Martina McBride reacts to Ronnie Dunn’s comment: 12-10 Martina3

Martina McBride on her friend Tim McGraw: 12-10 Martina4

Martina McBride loves Red Solo Cup: 12-10 Martina5

Martina McBride on singing “in the round.” 12-10 Martina6

Kenny Chesney talks about tour with Tim McGraw: 12-09 Kenny1

Kenny Chesney on having Faith Hill show up on tour: 12-09 Kenny2

Kenny Chesney on who opens, who closes the show: 12-09 Kenny3

Kenny Chesney on the Lionel Richie duets album: 12-09 Kenny4

Lionel Richie on getting a drunk call from Kenny: Lionel Chesney

Kenny Chesney on recording his next album: 12-09 Kenny5

Kenny Chesney on singing in Nashville with Taylor Swift: 12-09 Kenny6

Keith Urban talks about recovery from vocal surgery: 12-08 Keith1

Keith Urban talks more about his vocal recovery: 12-08 Keith2

Keith Urban on the strangest thing during recovery: 12-08 Keith3

Keith Urban on the gift he got from Brad Paisley: 12-08 Keith4

Keith Urban on being a coach for Australian “The Voice” 12-08 Keith5

Keith Urban on writing a song for “Act Of Valor” 12-08 Keith6

Keith Urban on how his wife helped him write: 12-08 Keith7

Keith Urban on a change in his habits after surgery: 12-08 Keith8

Toby Keith reacts to Joe Nichols cameo in his video: 12-07 Toby1

Toby Keith with the latest on his son and daughter: 12-07 Toby2

Toby Keith on the European reaction to Red Solo Cup: 12-07 Toby3

Toby Keith reacts to Red Solo Cups on Nashville statue: 12-07 Toby4

Toby Keith reacts to Eric Church comments on video: 12-07 Toby5

Band Perry on their Christmas gifts from Keith Urban: 12-06 Perry1

Band Perry on what they’ve learned about Brad Paisley: 12-06 Perry2

Band Perry on Brad Paisley’s new tour name: 12-06 Perry3

Band Perry say Tim McGraw saved them on tour: 12-06 Perry4

Band Perry on performing at the White House: 12-06 Perry5

Band Perry on meeting President Obama: 12-06 Perry6

Chris Young on the presents he bought his family: 12-05 Chris1

Chris Young on the Christmas present he bought himself: 12-05 Chris2

David Nail on friendship with Lady Antebellum: 12-03 Nail1

David Nail on singing with Lee Ann Womack: 12-03 Nail2

David Nail on his song written by Keith Urban: 12-03 Nail3

David Nail on his song written by Kenny Chesney: 12-03 Nail4

Lon speaks with the artist with the #1 song of 2011: 12-01 #1