Frankie Ballard’s Helluva Life #1

| April 2, 2014

Frankie #1Frankie Ballard came to Nashville five years ago after winning a talent contest in his home state of Michigan.  Five years later, he now has his very first #1 song: “Helluva Life.”  That song sums up his long hard climb to the top of the chart.  Last week, Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton called Frankie to congratulate him on his latest accomplishment:

Congratulations!  I’m so happy I can’t even stand it.

Where were when you got the news? I was in Atlanta Georgia, the chart shuts down on Saturday night, it was looking good going into Saturday, but we had a gig, so one of our reps was down there with us, and said ‘It’s official, there’s no catching you now.’  So I got to go up and play a show with a big cheesy smile on my face.  I asked the boss if I could text my mom, and he goes, ‘Man I called mine!”  So it was safe.

What was it about this song?  I think the lyrics really connected with the people.  The words talk about hope and appreciating the little things in life.  They were able to attach their own story to the lyrics and make it their own.

So did you hear from a lot of people?  Sure, first of all I was excited your text because we’ve been friends for a while, but we’ve been out making friends for a long time, and a lot of good will came to us when  we pushed for #1, that’s such a blessing to have.

How nervous were you with Blake Shelton behind you? Oh I can feel the heat from the big dog!  I said let’s just ring the bell and get out of the way for Big Blake, because he’s coming through like a freight train.

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