Luke Bryan Saves Eric Church

| February 9, 2014

Eric officialLast month, we told you about Zac Brown and Eric Church spear-fishing in Florida.  The story doesn’t end there.  After Zac left Eric’s beach house in Florida, Luke Bryan came down to visit.  And Eric told him all about the spear-fishing adventures.  So Eric went to the sport shop, and bought Luke some spear-fishing gear, and the two headed to the beach.  This is where the story gets a little strange.  Eric claimed that while he was in the ocean, he heard Luke call to him, saying, ‘Eric!  Shark!’  Eric didn’t see a shark.

So this week, Luke Bryan co-hosted the countdown, so host Lon Helton asked him about the story. Here’s Luke’s side of the story: “I could have let that shark knock out some of my competition in the chart.  Anyway, we knew Eric was down there, so my wife and I came down there, and he’s big time into spear-fishing.  We get to the beach, and the sun is setting.  I’d never done spear-fishing, so I put my goggles on, my goggles start fogging up, and it’s getting dark, and you can’t see any fish.  So I went back to shore, and I promise you, I saw a tail.  I watched that beach all day and I can tell the difference between a porpoise and a shark, and this looked like a shark.  So I just yelled it, and seeing Eric’s head pop out of the water with a snorkel, and when he came in, he was a little whiter than usual.  I was thinking I could have let the shark take him out, and I could have picked up some Eric Church fans.  But we had a great day.   I’m sure we’ll try it again some day.  It’s like going to the grocery store and picking out your grouper, ‘Yes I’ll have him for dinner.'”

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