Toby’s Cool Gift From Brantley

| November 10, 2012

Toby Keith spent the summer of 2012 on the road with Brantley Gilbert.  The two definitely hit it off during their time together.  Toby spoke about it with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: “He’s like me ten or twenty years ago.  He’s a tremendous performer, and he came through the business as a songwriter first.  I look for someone who I can help.  Like ten years ago, when Rascal Flatts opened for me.  They wanted to be on my tour.  He came in, and he wanted to be on my tour.  So I said ‘Sure!’  He came out and kicked it every night, and caught a good wave, because Red Solo Cup was flying, and he got in front of a lot of people.” 

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As Toby said, Brantley got his start in Nashville as a songwriter, with a couple hits for Jason Aldean.  So Lon asked Toby if he was able to write with Brantley: “We would have written songs, had I not had body parts removed.  About the time we got far enough into the tour where we have time to do that, I had my gall bladder attack.  But we’ll always be friends, and maybe we’ll write one together.  He gave me a cool gift at the end of the tour.   In the movie Josey Wales, the boot pistol that Josey Wales carries in his vest, it’s a small gun with big calibre.  They found this old 1800s model boot pistol, and had it in a nice case.  It’s big on my tour to exchange weapons!”

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