Brantley Gilbert’s Tattoo Tour

| July 8, 2012

Everyone can see Brantley Gilbert has a few tattoos.  But exactly how many does he have?  That question came up when Brantley co-hosted Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton: “I have a bunch.  I actually have one on my back.  It’s a crown of thorns that spells ‘sacrifice.’  I actually drew it when I was 16, waited til I was 18 to get it, my parents weren’t too happy about that.  I’ve got one on my right rib cage, it’s wings and the Harley symbol, it’s got ‘brothers’ written in the center, there are a few other people in my life who have that same tattoo.  Then the newest one, I got this sleeve here.  I flew out to LA after I did the ACM Awards.  That was the deal.  I had to do the ACM Awards on TV, and then I could go get my sleeve.  Corey Miller from the show LA Ink is the one who did it.  I told him a couple things I wanted.  ‘Prodigal Son’ is the title of my first record, that song means more to me than any song in my career.  It embodies everything in my life, so I wanted that on there.  Of course we had to get the BG logo on there, because we had fans getting it all over the country.  I got some skulls and flames, and of course I got my set of brass knuckles in there!  Actually this arm’s not done yet.  I’ll get it finished soon.  It’ll be pretty cool when I get it done, I’ll have to show you.”

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