Alan Jackson’s Tearful Graduation

| June 10, 2012

Alan Jackson is the father of three daughters: Mattie, Ali, and Dani.  It seems like only yesterday that his oldest, Mattie, graduated high school.  When Alan co-hosted Country Countdown USA, he told Lon Helton that Mattie just graduated from college: “I knew it was going to get to me, and when we first got in there, and all the kids had their caps and gowns on, it really bother me.  I didn’t realize the kids decorate the tops of their hats.  One of them walked by and it said ‘Thanks mom & dad’ on top, and it just about broke me down into tears!  So when she graduated and seeing her with the diploma didn’t affect me as much as seeing the top of that kid’s hat.  It just got to me.  I told her that was only the second college graduation I’d ever been to.  The first one was Denise’s.”

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So what’s she going to do? “She majored in English and writing.  She wants to be a writer, not a songwriter, but like books and novels, wants to do it on her own, not writing articles, she wants to write stuff on her own.  And my middle daughter graduated from high School, so she’s going to college this fall, and we’re down to three years on the last one.”

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Will Mattie move back to Nashville? “She’s actually in Italy now with her friends on a graduation trip.  She’s not going to live in Nashville.  She’s going to look around and find a place where she’d enjoy living and inspire her to write.”

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