Flatts Run-In With McGraw

| April 28, 2012

You never know who you’ll run into in Nashville.  That’s what Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox found out a few weeks ago.  He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: “My eight year old daughter had a baseball game the other day, so I went with her, and there were four games going on at the field.  I looked out there in the field, and I’m wondering what is this guy doing pitching to the girls?  It was Tim McGraw standing on the mound pitching!  So I walked out there, and he goes, ‘Gary! You got a game here too?  You wanna pitch?’  So random, only in Nashville, McGraw’s on the mound pitching.  But what was so funny was he said, ‘This team has never had a practice, and my daughter had never played softball.  You gotta watch this.'”  Tim’s no stranger to baseball.  He actually attended Northeast Louisiana University on a baseball scholarship, and his father was Tug McGraw, a relief pitcher for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.

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