Visit Lady A’s Club LaBellum

| April 21, 2012

If you go backstage at Lady Antebellum’s Own The Night World Tour, the place you wanna be is “Club LaBellum.”  That’s an exclusive room where the band and guests hang out before and after the show.  It even has its own Twitter account: @ClubLaBellum  Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton was invited there a couple of weeks ago during a show in Kansas City.  He spoke with the group about it this week:

You guys are serious ping-pong players.  You have a table set up backstage: It’s our pre-show ritual.  We bought a table and it broke during our first week, so the people who built our stage built a heavy-duty custom ping-pong table that we’re obsessed with. 

You do anything to make the game more interesting? We play doubles, and Dave & I came up with high intensity fitness ping pong.  This sounds so dorky.  This whole conversation makes us sound like dorks, which we are, so it proves that we’re dorks.

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You have things on your dressing room.  Dave says “Dave’s Room:” I have a recording mini-mobile studio that we call R2D2, from Star Wars, a total nerd thing again.  We’re total dorks.  You can pretty much find Dave in there laying down guitars when he’s not playing ping pong.

Talk about the Lady A Dance Party.  Who’s idea was it?  Ellen Degeneres.  We stole it from her.  We get the crowd to start dancing, and the cameras will follow people to win wrist bands for the inner circle.  It’s awesome, but we have TV feeds in our dressing rooms, so we have our own dance party watching the Lady A Dance Party.  It fires people up for the show.

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