Blake’s Super Bowl Secrets

| April 7, 2012

Over 100 million people watched Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sing America The Beautiful before the start of the Super Bowl a few months ago.  But there were a few things TV viewers missed.  Blake told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton he was a little nervous: “It was very overwhelming, very intimidating, in the sense that it’s not about us.  It’s about the football game, and everything is focused around that, and you feel more like you have a job to do, and that’s intimidating.  Luckily we weren’t doing the Anthem, I would have completely fallen apart then.  When they came over for us to sing, and we started to walk across the field to get on that little riser, and as I was walking, a football went flying past my head, and I kinda ducked down, and all the players were there warming up.  I heard a guy say, ‘I got your back, Blake,’ and I looked over and it was Tom Brady!  I knew it was a big deal, because Miranda said, ‘Oh my God Tom Brady!’  That was just crazy, just one of those things like is this a dream?”  So Lon asked, Did Brady throw on you on purpose?  “Probably.  He parted my hair right in the middle.  If it had been me throwing the football, somebody would have died”

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