Blake Shelton Wins ACM Male

| April 7, 2012

Blake Shelton now has something he’s never had before: The ACM Male Vocalist of the Year award.  For the previous five years, the trophy had been given to Brad Paisley.  But that streak ended last week when Blake Shelton accepted the award from Taylor Swift.  Moments later, Blake came backstage to talk about it with the media.

So are you excited?   “I am excited, I wasn’t lying when I got up to accept this thing. As dumb as it sounds, I hadn’t thought about the possibility of winning either one of those awards, and it didn’t dawn on my until Dierks came up to sing.  I was listening to Dierks sing that song, and the lyrics of that song fit, because it HAS been a long time for me, and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go since I’ve started that passed me and had big hits, and I was always the guy in the audience wondering what it takes to be that, and I still don’t know what it takes, but I’m glad it happened finally.

The other award you were nominated for, Entertainer, was won by Taylor Swift, so how do you feel about that?  I think she deserves it. When those nomination announcements came out, I didn’t say I hoped she wins, because I hoped I’d win, but Taylor deserves to win.  She’s done a lot for us, and she’s one of those once-in—a-lifetime stars who makes a difference and we’re lucky enough to have her, but I’ll always make fun of her in my monologues, so she should get used to that.

Speaking of your monologue, it sounded a little edgier this year.  Was that something you were trying to do?  I think it’s more, when we sit in those meetings with the writers, last year I didn’t want to say things, but this year, I felt I left things on the table last year.  I’m trying to get fired.  I’m longing for the days when I was sitting in the audience.  It’s hard to be professional, I don’t know how Reba does it.  I’m ready to step back and be wasted all the time.

Will you be able to celebrate tonight?: I’m hoping to celebrate, and spend time with Miranda, but it’s like if I don’t get to party as much tonight, I have to go to LA for the first live show of The Voice.  It’s like what we did tonight, but I’m glad I don’t have to host it, just sit in the chair.

What are your thoughts about Miranda’s  wins for Female Vocalist and Album of the Year?  As a fellow artist, it’s refreshing to see Miranda win Album of the Year.  Female and Male Vocalist is cool, but Album is your painting, and you put it out for everybody to look at and judge, and that’s the third one shoe’s won, and I’ve never even been nominated for Album of the Year, and they’re hard on songs and albums, and I’m glad they recognize how great Miranda’s records are, how she pushes the envelope, and nails it every time.  I’m blown away by her, I really am.  But as her husband, I’m mad she wasn’t in the Entertainer of the Year category, because I know how hard she works, how many tickets she sells, so I’m looking forward for her to get recognized for that too.


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