New To The Top 30: The Farm

| April 6, 2012

A couple of new artists are making their countdown debut this week.  The first is the Nashville-based trio who call themselves The Farm.  We caught up with Damien Horne, Nick Hoffman, and Krista Marie in Las Vegas last week during the ACM Awards.

Your debut song in the Top 30 is “Home Sweet Home,” so how’d this come about? “It’s a special thing for us.  Divine intervention, we got together writing as songwriters, it was first time we knew of each other, we got in a room, started writing this song, one thing led to another, and this group was formed as a result of that.  When we started out, we had no aspirations of being a group, we saw there was something special there, so we ran with it.  It was about two years ago when we wrote it and now it’s racing up the charts.  It’s been an incredible ride.”

How did you come to name the band “The Farm?” “It was one of those things where we all had solo aspirations, we all wanted to be solo artists, but we couldn’t deny there was something special when the three of us got together.  So we took the shot, and we knew we had to be “all in,” so we bet the farm, and that’s how the name was birthed.”

People may recognize your fiddle player, Nick Hoffman, for his years playing in Kenny Chesney’s band.  So with his tour starting in a couple months, will you be pulling double duty? “I’ve been with Kenny for 12 years, and this is the first summer in 12 years I won’t be on the road with him.  We were going to try and reconcile the both of them, but Kenny’s a huge supporter of the Farm, he loves the music, and he was the first one to say “This is your dream, it’s your thing, so you have to put 100% into it.” So he’s been great like that.  It’s been an amazing 12 years with him, I’ve learned a lot from him, I don’t have enough nice things to say about brother Chesney.”

This weekend, you’re back for your second time at the Grand Ole Opry.  What’s special about that place for you, Nick? “For me as a fiddle player, I watched it with my grandfather growing up.  The Opry is at the center of why I play music.  So that was one of the greatest moments of my life.  My grandfather was a fiddle player too, and he would have been so proud, so I played his fiddle on the Opry that day.  We did it old school, one mic, in the circle, pretty cool.”


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