Chesney Celebrates 23rd #1 Song

| April 6, 2012

Kenny Chesney has had 23 #1s in his nearly 20-year recording career.  That’s an amazing feat for anyone.  But this time, it had the additional excitement of being a song Kenny wrote.  That song is called “Reality,” and while it topped the chart last month, they just got around to celebrate the accomplishment on Thursday April 5th.  Kenny was on hand, along with collaborator, Brett James.  The two also co-wrote “Keg In the Closet” and  the #1 “Out Last Night.” 

We asked Kenny about the inspiration behind “Reality,” and he told us it began in a pretty unusual place: “I got the idea for this sitting in the dentist chair.  True story.  They put that gas mask on you so you can relax.  All of a sudden you don’t feel as much, they numb you, put that gas mask on you.  I remember sitting in the denist’s chair, it was towards the end of the tour, I was exhausted, I was busy doing ten things at once. So they put that gas mask on, and I thought why can’t life be like this? For some, it is!  Everybody’s got their own way of escaping their reality.  For me, it was going to the dentist, and putting the gas mask on, thinking this is the most relaxed I’ve been in years.  I realized we have friends who do things they shouldn’t do, but that’s why they do them, to escape their reality.  Then I thought, I’ve had countless people tell me that’s what our music does for them. So that’s where the idea for that song came from, everybody has to break free from reality, just to not think about things that we’re forced to think about.  So that’s the whole idea behind Reality.”

By the way, Kenny’s latest single is a duet with Tim McGraw called “Feel Like a Rock Star.”  They’ll perform it this summer on the Brothers Of the Sun Tour, which kicks off in Tampa on June 2nd.

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