Taylor On Guys: No One “Type”

| April 2, 2012

Taylor Swift has been connected with a number of different guys in the last few years, including Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, or even John Mayer.  Quite often, those experiences come up in her songs.  But at this point in her life, does she believe in love at first sight?  Or is it more subtile.  When Taylor co-hosted Country Countdown USA, she discussed the complicated subject with Lon Helton:  “I think that love is something where you meet someone and you know.”

 Do you take a while to fall in love?  “No I’m impatient.  I think everybody’s different.  I have girlfriends who need to be friends with the guy for a year first, or they’ll start out not liking the guy and he keeps chasing them to a point where they relent and start dating him.  But for me, it has to be one of those cosmic things where we met and it was very clear to both of us, but I’m 22 and don’t know anything!  I’m sure I’m gonna figure out what love really is in the next maybe 10 to 15 years of my life, but at this point, I’m very impatient, I have to have an immediate ‘Wow! That’s cool, I have to know him.’”

What gets your attention from a guy? “It’s never the same.  It’s never anything like if he wears a certain type of blue jeans, that gets to me.  It’s always different.  I never have the same reason for liking a person.  Like, ‘you know me, I like the funny guys,’ or ‘I like the dark guys who don’t tell you what they’re thinking.’  It’s like every person I’ve ever been interested in has something different that makes them special.  So it’s hard to pick, that question is difficult, like what’s your type, I just can’t pick one.”

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