Jake Set For Chesney & McGraw

| March 25, 2012

This summer, Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw have teamed up for the Brothers of the Sun tour.  Opening all 20 stadium shows will be this week’s co-host, Jake Owen.  Jake told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton he’s pumped about the summer: “I’m gonna have a pretty good time.  Kenny & Tim are in pretty good shape. They’re unbelievably fit, and I’m the younger guy out there, so I have to compete.  I can’t let these guys up me on physical fitness.” 

Jake says he’s only met Tim briefly at awards show, but he’s getting ready to meet Tim on the basketball court: “I’m getting my basketball game in shape, cause from what I hear Tim’s a baller.  I got some new Jordan’s the other day, I’ve been practicing at the Y, getting my jump shot in shape, I’m ready, I got some players in my band, and we’re ready to take them on.” What’s the best part of your game?  “My mental toughness!  I’m a mental assassin.  There’ll be some smack talk goin’ on.  We’ll get you in the game Lon!”

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This year’s tour marks a return for Jake to Kenny’s tour: “2006 was my first time out with him.  Dierks Bentley was on that tour too.  I really wanted to get back out with Kenny.  I needed to establish myself as an artist.  Now here I am six years later, hopefully I’ll have a couple #1s, and the spot is a great fit!  It’s a huge stepping stone for me.  These are all stadiums, and I’m at a point where I’m trying to step it up, and that’s an awesome platform to to do it.”

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  Jake first saw Tim & Kenny together when he was in high school: “I saw them in West Palm Beach.  Kenny was opening for Tim.  I remember Kenny had just had the big orange ball floatin’ in the water.  That same tour Tim came out from the backdrop.  So now playing with them, I feel like it’s hard to put into words. I’m really excited.”

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