Alan Jackson’s Wife Recovering

| March 19, 2012

Alan Jackson and his wife Denise have been married for 32 years.  The couple survived a short separation back in 1998.  But they went through a bigger threat when Denise was diagnosed with cancer.  Now, more than a year later, Alan says Denise appears to be cancer-free. “She’s doing great, it’s been a year since she completed the chemo and radiation.  It’s all been clear, she looks great, she didn’t lose all her hair, looking better now, more healthy than she’s ever been.  She appreciates people’s prayers, and is thinking positive.”

Five years ago, Denise wrote a best-selling book, “It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life.”  Alan says his wife is considering writing a new book about her battle with cancer: “I can’t speak for her, but she wants to write about getting through cancer, and how her faith helped her through that.  Don’t know when she’ll do it, though.”

In the meantime, Alan has made changes in his own life.  He sold the family’s Nashville estate Sweetbriar a few years ago.  He says it’s part of a “downsizing” he’s doing. “We’ve gone full circle, we started out poor, then we got money and bought everything we could, and now we’re selling a lot, slimlining our lives, and that’s where we’re still headed.  We realize what we enjoy the most.”

The focus for Alan & Denise is on their three daughters, Mattie, Ali, and Dani.  He says all three are doing great.  “The oldest one graduates this May, and she’s gonna try to write novels.  I’ve read some of her stuff, and it’s unreal.  My middle one is very creative.  I feel like doing something in the art area, she may try acting, she’s so dramatic.  The younger one reminds me of the older one.  She takes care of her tasks, does schoolwork, on time, but they’re all three creative.”

Alan has completed work on a new album which he will release later this year.  It features the current hit, “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Any More.”  Alan said he wanted to record it the first time he heard it.  “It raised the hair on my arms when I first heard it.  It was the kind of song that made me wanna be in country music.   That’s one of the better songs to come out of Nashville in a long time.”  He also said making this new album reminded him of his first back in 1989.  “We’re at a new record label, and they have great team, like a family, reminds me of the first years at Arista, everybody had fun, and it’s good to be back in something like that.  It’s refreshing to have a new team, makes me want to make the best album I could.”  The first project on Alan’s new label will be a reissue of his gospel album, “Precious Memories.”  It will be available on March 27th.


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