Josh Turner: Family of 5

| July 30, 2011

Josh Turner brings his wife and children on the road with him.  His wife, Jennifer, plays keyboards in his band.  In Decemmber, Josh Turner welcomed his third son, Marion, to his family.  Josh told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that the baby arrived at a good time: “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because Jennifer didn’t have to miss any shows with this pregnancy.  She came off the road when we were done, and we didn’t work while she was home, and didn’t start again until February, so it worked out perfectly, so we’re all five out there on the road making it happen.  But we needed a new bus.  We needed more room!”

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So what about this new tour bus?  What’s the layout, and how does he handle three boys under the age of 5? “On the old bus, Colby was sleeping in a crib in the back.  So we moved him up to a bunk.  That’s been an adjustment, he knows he can get out so he gets out any chance he can get, so we have to put the fear of God in him.  And we moved Hampton to a middle bunk, so it’s been an adjustment for all of us.  We have a crib in the bank for Marion.  The bus company was nice, they gifted us with a baby monitor, and it’s high tech.  It’s like an iPod, and it has video so you can watch him outside the bus. They’ve come a long way with those things.”

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This summer won’t be all work for Josh Turner and family.  He told Lon they will be going on a family vacation with his brother, sister, and their families:  “My sister had an idea last year that we should do a family vacation.  We have Marion now and he’ll be crawling at that point, and my brother and his wife are about to have their first child, so we’ll have five grandchildren in this house for the first time.  It’ll be cool, we’ll make some good memories.  I think it’ll be fun.  My daddy said he’d cover the cost of the house if we cooked.”

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